How CBN Ran Their Own “MMM” to Enrich Few People

Nigerians cannot forget the great fall of MMM Ponzi scheme so easily. We initially thought the only reason CBN issued warnings against the scheme was to protect citizens from loss. Well, there was more to it…

Do you know the same way MMM pays profit to investors, CBN also pays profit to their investors? What differs is the interest rate and waiting period. CBN pays investors through TREASURY NOTES, BONDS, and BILLS. The most amongst them are Treasury Bills that pay averagely 10-15% interest annually.

So, during the MMM boom, CBN got a very low inflow of investors which was partially responsible for the numerous warnings against the scheme. In fact, they aided the Ponzi collapse by sponsoring a newspaper headline that read “MMM Just Crashed” – thus, creating a nationwide panic.

Apparently, investors now wanted a secured platform that paid more than CBN’s 10%, thus the rise of investment firms.

These investment firms are licensed by CBN and protected by Insurance companies to avoid any loss. They basically invest your money in profitable projects to assist you to earn 20-30% interest quarterly. The minimum is about N50,000 though.

Any firm that promises you more than 30% in 90 days is tending to ‘High Risk’ margin, be cautious.

To invest in profitable projects, visit

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